Camera Lens

The primary thing that makes a camera works is the camera lens, or photographic lens. Although most lenses are the same in cameras, telescopes and microscopes, the camera lens is still the most popular because of the popular use of the camera. An important skill in using camera lenses is determining which lenses can be used with your camera of choice. Although choosing the ideal lens for your camera could be a complex task, it is best to at least know what your choices are.

Ultra Wide Lens

These lenses have an estimated focal length of less than 24 mm, which means that the camera focus has a typically wider scene. Moreover, the image characteristics of the ultra wide lens actually have an ability to produce images that somehow seem to pull in closer objects and push further those that are farther. Ultra wide lenses are basically used for interior, landscape and architecture photography, where wide scale pictures must be taken.

Standard/Normal Lenses

These lenses are actually typical of your DSLR camera. The standard zoom lens has a range of focus from 35 to 70 mm. Standard or normal lens produces realistic and natural photographs which are exactly the same as what you see with your normal eyesight. Typically, these lenses are used with landscape, documentary or portrait photography. One of the best lenses of this type is a Canon lens.

Superzoom Lenses

Superzoom lenses are very useful in situations where one can practically seem to zoom lenses forever without any limit. You can use superzoom lenses where you cannot change lenses especially when travelling or when it is difficult to switch lenses. This saves so much time and it saves you the hassle of bringing five or more lenses with you on a family vacation.

Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses are actually those with a focal length range of 70 mm and 135 mm. These lenses are usually used to focus on specific details of objects as well as those located far from the photographer. These lenses are basically larger and heavier compared to the other types. The narrow angle view of telephoto lenses actually bring far away objects seem closer. Typically, this type of lenses is used with sports or wildlife scenes, where it is impractical or dangerous to get near the scene.

Camera lenses are indispensable when there is a need to vary the range and focus of the image being shot. The ability to use various types of camera lenses is a skill that every good photographer should have. Among the many kinds of lenses, there is an ultra wide lens for larger focus especially when it comes to landscape and architecture shots. Standard or normal lenses are used for documentary and standard purposes. Superzoom lenses are typical for times when it is hard to switch lenses. Lastly, telephoto lenses are extremely useful when one cannot possibly get near the subjects being photographed.