Gopro Hero | Action Camera

A typical action camera usually comes in full HD quality in order to capture your unforgettable moments perfectly, whether you’re rock climbing or scuba diving. These pixel perfect images are only produced by the best sports camera mounted on a ski helmet, on your bicycle or motorcycle. The ideal action cam comes with necessary straps and mounts such as those attached to a helmet and other equipment for versatile application of these cameras. Your best action camera is equipped with all the equipment and accessories needed to film action while being fully absorbed in it. With so many types of sports and action cams in the market today, it is important to know which one is the best action camera for you.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro is still the leader in camera technology. Its small, portable size and dramatic point of view make it the best choice by extreme sports personalities as they retell their adventures through the images captured by this camera. As the latest in the GoPro Hero series, GoPro Hero 4 Black comes with a 4K video quality as well as waterproof feature up to an impressive depth of 40 meters. Its exceptional and outstanding image quality as well as its impressive array of menu options may make it an expensive choice for a sports camera. Nonetheless, it is definitely one of the best, with its slow motion full HD video at 120 frames per second.

GoPro Hero 3

Released in 2012, this earlier version of the GoPro Hero series has all the features of the GoPro Hero 4 Black type of sports camera except perhaps for the 4K video quality and the daunting menu options. The unprecedented durable structure of the GoPro Hero 3 is defined by its long life span, waterproof capacity of up to 60 meters, and its sturdy polycarbonate exterior.  It is also shockproof and is equipped with an outstanding angle and point of view for your most memorable and epic adventures. The release of the GoPro Hero 3 in 2012 defined the precision quality of the GoPro camera series.

GoPro Hero 35mm

One of the best GoPro Hero cameras to date is the GoProHero 35mm. It is the quintessential sports camera for all seasons. It was launched way back in 2005 and is equipped with the best features for a typical sports camera. It has a lightweight structure and a crack-proof highly engineered polycarbonate casing. It also has a camera strap and other useful external accessories.

Whether it is the basic GoPro Hero 35mm or the most advanced and most elegant GoPro Hero 4 Black, you know you are in good hands. The GoPro Hero series defines the best qualities of every sports camera, from the durability to the precision to the highly durable polycarbonate casing. So far, the most highly advanced among these is the GoPro Hero 4 Black action cam with its complex menu options and its 4K video quality.