What’s the Best Home Security Camera System for Your Protection?

What’s the Best Home Security Camera System for Your Protection?

Security cameras are the best way to protect the home from possible intruders and from a potential theft and robbery. Without such deterrents to crimes, there will not be any way to protect your home and property as well as the safety of your family. The best home security camera system must be one that is not only affordable but also highly efficient in detecting movements. The best ones are actually those that have a night vision function and a wireless feature.

Swann PRO-735 – Multi-Purpose Day/Night Security Camera – Night Vision 85ft/25m

This Swann product is actually a very good type of in the home security camera system. The reason for its outstanding quality is the very far (85ft) extent of its night vision function. This is very useful in detecting movement in the backyard at night and in the dark. Most importantly, it is weatherproof so it can be attached to a place that has no roof in it. The only you have to do is to secure it easily as it may not be that strong enough to be called crack-proof. Its black color may also be detectable if the background is white so better camouflage it with a black background or hide it in the trees.

Swann PRO-736 – Multi-Purpose Dome Camera – Night Vision 85ft/25m

Another leader in the home security camera system is the Swann PRO-736. This one has the same night vision function as Swann PRO-735. The most important feature, however, is that it is dome-shaped and is therefore attached only to a ceiling. The color is mainly white so it has to have a white background at least or you should install it where the whole of its body is hidden. You can be sure of its durability and support knowing that it comes from Swann, which is a well-known manufacturer of security cameras.

Nest – Cam Security Camera – Black

This home security camera system is of the standing type, and must be placed on a table where it is not conspicuous. The best thing about Nest cam is that it can be connected with the phone or tablet, so you may be in the comfort of your bed while you can observe what is going on in the rest of the house. As long as your phone or tablet has Android 4.0 or later or iOS 8 or later, then the Nest cam is a practical choice for a security camera. In addition, it also has CMOS image sensors and a night vision function that can reach a good 20 feet.

There are more and more types of home security camera systems in the market as time goes by. There is even the night vision network camera that can have as many cameras as needed, depending on the app that is downloaded into the monitor (your own Smartphone, PC, MAC or tablet). Perhaps, the most important thing is to camouflage the security camera with anything that would make it undetectable.